Tailor Your Team’s Technical Training With Codecademy’s Enterprise Offerings


Earlier this year, we launched Codecademy Teams to help companies provide technical training and education for their employees. Since then, hundreds of companies — including Fortune 500s, media agencies, and educational and financial institutions around the world — have used Teams to take their skills to the next level.

And you don’t have to work in a technical role to benefit from technical training. While engineers have used Teams to stay up to date with the latest languages and evolving technologies, marketing teams have also used it to learn how to work with data and learn more about their customers

For those who are leading a team, providing technical training is a win for your whole organization. You can:

  • Close skill gaps
  • Promote self-sufficiency
  • Improve efficiency and automation
  • Empower data management

Feedback from Teams customers shows that it’s also great for:

  • Inspiring motivation, engagement, and investment in company goals
  • Empowering innovative employees
  • Fostering greater connection and cross-functional collaboration between teams
  • Increasing value for clients and other stakeholders

With Codecademy’s enterprise offerings, you can customize and tailor your team’s training, keep everyone on the same page, see the ROI (return on investment) of your training programs, and more.

Customize your own curriculum

With enterprise offerings, you can go beyond Codecademy’s curriculum and tailor your team’s training to their specific needs. With content curation, you can clone our existing curriculum and use it as a template that you can then add or remove courses from.

And, if you need to customize your curriculum even more, you can also create your own educational content with Author. Author allows you to create articles, quizzes, and assessments to help reinforce your team’s new knowledge and skills and ensure every member meets your training goals.

Manage multiple training programs

Enterprise ensures all of your team members are hitting the right marks in their training. Our new grouping feature enables you to group members by team, department, or subject area.

Maybe your marketing team needs to learn about data analytics while your engineering team wants to pick up JavaScript. These groups can be easily separated to make learning as a group more streamlined.

With our new Content Assignment feature, you can then assign groups specific courses or Skill Paths so they’re learning exactly what they need to. Not only that, but content can be assigned to individuals if you need to get more granular.

Onboarding a group of Junior Developers and need to make sure they’re familiar with your tech stack? Just add them to a group and assign them a customized curriculum encompassing your preferred languages, libraries, and frameworks to ensure their skills are up to par.

With just a few clicks, you can create groups, view and manage the members within them, and assign new content and goals — keeping everyone on the same page.

Understand the ROI of your training programs

But how do you know your teams are making the most of their training? With Enterprise, you’ll have access to an advanced reporting dashboard that’ll provide full visibility into how your team members and groups are progressing with the content you’ve assigned them.

Not only will this help you stay on top of your team’s development, but it’ll also help you ensure you’re hitting your training goals and getting the most from your investment. Progress reporting will help you:

  • Identify problem areas and which or where team members may need additional support.
  • Identify learning trends within or across different groups.
  • Understand when it’s time to move on to the next phase of training.

Facilitate your team’s growth and development

Enterprise provides your entire team with access to our extensive catalog of skill-building curriculum and technical resources. This includes interactive courses like Learn HTML and Learn Python that’ll teach them how to use the most popular and powerful programming languages.

It also includes access to our Skill Paths and Career Paths. These Paths offer more structured training for those looking to learn specific skills or qualify for a specific role, like Data Analyst or Full-Stack Engineer.

As your teams go through their courses, they’ll complete quizzes and build projects that’ll deepen their understanding of programming concepts and tools and give them real-world experience that’ll enable them to better contribute to your company’s goals. Plus, our goal-setting features like milestones, weekly targets, and streaks will help keep them motivated and engaged throughout their training.

Getting started with enterprise

Ready to get started? Check out the Codecademy for Business page and contact our sales team.

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