Monday was not only the first day of Code Year, but it was a great day for the Codecademy team. We are super happy to welcome Allison House to the team as our Lead Designer.

We had been looking for a designer for a few months – Ryan and I really place a premium on design and we hadn’t quite found someone we thought could help to shape the company’s design thinking. We had interviewed dozens of designers when we saw the subject line “Hey Zach and Ryan! Let’s talk design” pop in our inboxes. We read into it and discovered that Allison was incredibly talented, well regarded in the industry, and passionate about education.

After a quick Skype, we had a great feeling about Allison. We flew her out to New York for a few days and she proved to be even better in person. We spent a few days redesigning a few aspects of the Codecademy site. Allison’s work spoke for itself – she’s amazingly talented and will bring a whole slew of awesome new ideas to Codecademy.

The best part though, was hanging out when we weren’t working. Ryan, Allison, and I spent an afternoon exploring downtown Manhattan and walked over the Williamsburg bridge to spend some time in Brooklyn. We ended up at the Standard Hotel dancing at 2am (and Ryan and I don’t even dance…).

We’re thrilled to be able to work with Allison on a daily basis. You’ll see her work appearing on the site immediately. Want to come work with us? Check out our jobs page.

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