The Top 20 Code Challenges, Projects, & Docs of 2023

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As 2023 comes to a close, we’re taking a look at the coding topics, concepts, and projects that kept learners like you inspired and motivated. Code Review 2023 is our way of reflecting on the past year and celebrating the achievements of our community.

Read on to see the top five projects, Docs, and challenges of 2023, plus catch up on the noteworthy features that we’ve launched that you can start using today.

Top 5 new features and launches in 2023

All year long, we’ve been dreaming up new features that are designed to help you reach your coding goals. Here are the launches and updates that we’re most excited about from 2023:

1. New plans

We kicked off 2023 by announcing our new plans, Pro and Plus. We upgraded Codecademy Pro offerings with even more job-readiness features that help you prepare for a career in tech. We also added Plus, our plan that’s for folks who want to grow technical skills to level up in their career. Learn more about what you get with each plan here.

2. Career Center refresh

We wanted to show job seekers all the resources that we offer in one place. Now, you can access all the features, career paths, and blogs that help you make your next career move in our recently updated Career Center. Bookmark the page so you can have these tools on hand as you pursue your dream tech job!

3. Job-readiness checker

The job-readiness checker, powered by OpenAI, evaluates how well you meet the requirements for a given tech role based on your skills and experience. You can upload your resume info, then paste a link for a LinkedIn job listing, and we’ll see how you stack up — and recommend places where you can improve. Read this blog to learn how we built this AI tool.

4. Code Crew

Have you met the members of our Code Crew? It’s a super user program made up of learners and professional developers who are committed to creating welcoming experiences across our community. The Code Crew hosts events, maintains Docs, and answers questions in forums. You can apply to join the Code Crew today!

5. Mobile app update

We gave you new ways to study coding concepts on the go using our mobile app Codecademy Go, including practice packs from our full catalog and personalized flashcards that are tailored to your specific learning needs.

Top 5 projects of 2023

Need some inspiration for your next project? Take a look at the projects that learners spent the most time building this year. All our Pro and Plus learners can access the full projects library. If you have a Basic membership, upgrade your plan so you can give these projects a try.

  1. Magic 8-Ball
  2. Race Day
  3. Kelvin Weather
  4. Dog Years
  5. Fashion Blog

Whether you’re building a professional portfolio or just practicing, projects are an opportunity to delve into the ways developers utilize code to address challenges in our everyday lives.

Top 5 visited Docs of 2023

Docs, our community-driven coding documentation hub, offers a wealth of resources with thousands of entries covering popular programming languages and frameworks. Docs is a valuable reference for learners venturing into new languages or more experienced devs who are handling intricate coding projects. Here are the Docs that learners visited the most in 2023:

  1. Tables
  2. .slice()
  3. Arrays
  4. Attributes
  5. Elements

Top 5 code challenges completed in 2023

Code challenges feature actual technical interview questions sourced from leading tech companies. Each challenge emphasizes different programming concepts in popular languages that you’ll come across in an interview. Here are the top code challenges that learners completed in 2023:

  1. Prime Number Finder
  2. Find the Xth Number in Order
  3. FizzBuzz Python
  4. Calculate the Mean and Mode
  5. FizzBuzz JavaScript

Remember: During a technical interview, hiring managers aren’t just checking that you have the “correct” solutions. The interviewer will be assessing your coding expertise and efficiency, as well as your ability to solve problems, think with a programmer’s mindset, and articulate your approach. By practicing with these questions, you’ll be well-prepared for real technical interviews. Along the way, we’ll give you guidance and recommend courses that’ll help you improve.

Explore Code Review 2023

Get started on your 2024 learning goals by reviewing these top projects, Docs, and challenges. Don’t forget to check out the rest of our year-in-review blogs that are part of Code Review 2023, like this roundup of the most popular new courses, a guide to the most common time of day to learn to code, and more.

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