Updates & Improvements to Projects & Quizzes


We’re excited to announce updates and improvements to the most popular projects and quizzes on Codecademy! Codecademy Pro subscribers will see updates in the Learn HTML, Learn CSS, Learn Python, Introduction to JavaScript, Learn Sass, Learn SQL, Learn Java, and Learn the Command Line courses.

Why? We’re continuously looking to improve the learning experience. Updating projects and quizzes means more content that you can use to apply your skills and test your knowledge. Feel confident in your coding abilities and create stellar projects that shine in a portfolio.

How does this impact you? If you’ve already completed a quiz or project, your progress in the course should not be affected. If you want more practice, try the updated content. You can take quizzes and redo projects as often as you like.

If you revisit a project that you’ve completed before, you may notice that some of the task checkboxes do not appear complete. This should not affect your ability to proceed through the course.

In a few projects, you may lose the code you’ve previously written, but again, you should be able to progress normally through the rest of the course.

This is true for the following projects:
Learn Python – Strings and Console Output: Mad Libs
Learn the Command Line – Navigating the File System: Bicycle World
Introduction to JavaScript – Scope: Training Days

When Now! We pushed the changes live so you can access updated new content immediately.

Updates include:

  • More hints were added for individual tasks inside projects.
  • Project tasks have been simplified for clarity.
  • Quiz questions have been reworded, and we have removed anything that could be a trick question.
  • More feedback on correct and incorrect answers in quizzes.

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