Updates to our Learn the Command Line Course


We’re revamping our Learn the Command Line course with updated lessons, quizzes, and projects, as well as a new offline project!


Over time we’ve noticed some opportunities for improvement with the course and, in an effort to always bring you the best content possible, we’ve given the content a tune up. We’re changing the testing behind the scenes, as well as removing some extraneous content, such as duplicate projects. We’re also adding a new offline project that will allow you to test your skills on your own computer.

We will also be removing the Bash Scripting module and repackaging it into its own course. It requires knowledge of certain computer science topics that are not pre-requisites for the rest of the Command Line course (loops, conditionals, etc). This change will take place roughly one week after the rest of the changes.


The changes to the Learn the Command Line content will go live in the morning on Monday, October 19th. The Bash Scripting module will be moved to its own course one week later on October 26th.

How does this impact you?

If you’ve previously completed Learn the Command Line you will keep your certificate. If you revisit the course, you may notice that it looks like you’ve lost progress on certain exercises that have been replaced, but this will not affect your previous record of completing the course.

If you are currently enrolled in the course, you’ll notice that some of your progress may be reset. Anything you’ve completed will stay completed, but you may need to retake some exercises in partially completed lessons.

Your progress will be maintained for the Bash Scripting content, even in it’s new course.

What are the specific changes?

  • There will be edits to the testing for all of the lessons
  • The lessons will be slightly edited to contain the same material but now with clearer hints and error messages
  • There will be an added exercise on "helper commands"
  • There will be updated hints for the projects
  • Extraneous projects in each module will be removed
  • The Bash Scripting portion of the course will be removed and placed in a new course named "Learn Bash Scripting"
  • There will be a new offline project named "Lingua Franca"
  • There will be new intro articles for the course as well as certain sections


We’re updating our Learn the Command Line course on Monday, October 19th to fix a series of issues and make this content smoother and more enjoyable. These changes may cause you to lose progress on certain lessons, but if you’ve already completed the course that completion and your certificate will be retained.

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