Good news! We’re updating the first course in Learn HTML. Namely, we’re rearranging the order of the content. Now, when you start with Learn HTML, you’ll start writing code faster.

Why? We believe in getting your hands dirty. Building a page with elements early-on is essential to understanding HTML structure. The updates include learning the most popular HTML elements in the first lesson, and learning how to set up your HTML file in the second lesson.

We want to make coding accessible to everyone, and that means making sure busy learners don’t have to fight their way through technical jargon before seeing their code come to life.

How does this impact you? If you’ve previously started or completed any of the HTML Elements and Structures Course, you will notice updates to the exercise order, the narrative, and code. If you’ve previously completed a lesson in this course, your progress will be preserved. However, when revisiting any of the exercises, you’ll notice changes to workspace code. If you were in the middle of an exercise, you will find yourself in the new version of that exercise.

If you’ve only completed Lesson 1 and have yet to complete Lesson 2, we highly encourage you to take the new version of lesson 1 because it has much of the former Lesson 2 content. For more details about which exercises will exist in which lessons, see below.

When? The courses will be updated beginning at 11:00 AM EST on Friday, March 9, 2018. We expect the updates to be finalized by 2:00 PM EST the same day. During this time, the course will be unavailable.

Take a look below to get an overview of the updates.

Changes to Learn HTML

HTML Elements and Structure

This course features a new arrangement of exercises in lessons 1 and 2, plus quiz and project updates that make learning HTML more engaging while ensuring that concepts stick.

Lesson 1 now features exercises on:

Text Content Tags
Text Style Tags
Line Breaks
Unordered Lists
Ordered Lists
Image Alts

Lesson 2 now features exercises on:

Preparing for HTML
The Head
Page Titles
Where the Title Appears

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