Great news! We’re updating our SQL curriculum with new lessons, projects, quizzes, code challenges, and articles. There will be a revamped Analyze Data with SQL Skill Path and a brand new Pro course focused on marketing/product analysis. 🙌


People have been asking for more advanced SQL content! Since the original release of our SQL courses, millions of learners have gotten started with fetching data from a database through our courses, and we’ve been getting more and more requests from folks asking for more advanced SQL content.

We are adding new content to cover those gaps, as well as improving our existing content for a better learning experience!

These improvements include adding new content to our existing Analyze Data with SQL Skill Path and creating a new course: Intermediate SQL for Marketing/Product.

Some applicable changes will also appear in the Learn SQL free course.


These changes will go live on October 30th.

How does this impact you?

If you’ve previously started or completed Analyze Data with SQL or Learn SQL, you’ll notice a lot of new content, including lessons, projects, quizzes, code challenges, and articles. We recommend you continue your learning there, but don’t worry, your completions and certifications will not be impacted by these changes.

Even if you’ve completed the free Learn SQL course, we highly encourage you to take the new and improved Skill Path for a deeper dive into the language.

What are the specific changes?

  • A new mini-lesson on subqueries
  • A new mini-lesson on date and time
  • A new module on window functions
  • A new module on interview prep
  • 3 more projects on multiple tables
  • 14 extra cumulative code challenges
  • A new article on top 20 common SQL interview questions
  • A new marketing/product related course that focuses on funnels, attrition and churn analysis using SQL


We’re updating on October 30th so it explores topics in greater depth and provides more opportunities for learning and practice. All of the content will be available in the newly revamped Analyze Data with SQL Skill Path and new Intermediate SQL for Product/Marketing course. Any progress and certificates you have will be retained.

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