Good news! We updated the design and functionality of our Codecademy dashboard to organize your content more intuitively and help new learners get started.


We are continually improving our product to make it the easiest and most efficient place for you to learn technical skills. That’s why we’re starting with one of the core pages on our site, the dashboard.

For current users

We redesigned the dashboard to work as your home base, surfacing the courses you’re working on now so you can quickly jump back into learning. We also made it easy to navigate through past content you’ve completed.

The new dashboard allows you to look at courses you’re in today (using the new Today View) and courses you’ve taken in the past (using the My Courses View). This new feature more quickly surfaces the content you’re focusing on now.

We also added a new and noteworthy section where we will surface new features on Codecademy and important updates like new courses and content. We promise, just the good stuff.

Additionally, this new design allows us to add new and exciting features to the dashboard to help you on your learning journey. Stay tuned for more good news in the pipeline.

For new users

We created a Starter Kit that shares resources for new learners aimed at making coding more accessible for anyone, anywhere.

The Starter Kit includes our Intro to Coding course, our course recommendation tool and our forums where anyone can ask questions, give answers and get support.

How does this impact you?

After you login, you will see the newly designed dashboard. All of your progress will be saved and nothing changes to your enrollment status – you simply get a nicer dashboard to work from.

Additionally, you can quickly tab to the My Courses section to see the courses you have previously taken as well as your path or previous pro intensive enrollments if applicable.

If you would like to access your Pro Intensive dashboard, please click on the resume card in the today view.


This change will be live for all users starting on March 28th, 2018.

Changes to the Dashboard

  • Added a top header that surfaces username, badges, and courses completed
  • Added a today view that surfaces content you’re currently working on
  • Added starter kits to help you jump into Codecademy
  • Added a new and noteworthy section that keeps you up to date on the latest developments on the site
  • Updated the My Courses tab that visually shows the progress you have made in previous courses.

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