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An array is a data structure used in C# to store a sequential collection of elements. Its size is immutable (cannot be changed after creation). The elements of an array are all of the same type, but it is possible to define a C# array that can hold elements of any type by specifying the type of the array as an object. In C#, all types directly or indirectly inherit from Object.


There are several ways to create an array in C#:

// Create a variable of type "type[]" without initializing it:
type[] arrayName;

// Create the array variable and initialize it with an array of N items:
type[] arrayName = new type[N];

// Create the array variable and intalize it by specifying the contents:
type[] arrayName = new type[] { value1, value2, value3, ... valueN };

// Alternative way of creating the array and specifying the contents:
type[] arrayName = { value1, value2, value3, ... valueN };

Note: Arrays in C# have a set size, meaning the number of elements they hold cannot be changed once the array has been created.


Each element in an array is assigned a specific index starting at zero. To access or modify an element in the array, you refer to it by its index and operate on it accordingly.

using System;
public class Example
public static void Main(string[] args)
char[] vowels = {'a', 'e', 'i', 'o', 'u'};
// indexes: 0 1 2 3 4
Console.WriteLine(vowels[0]); // Output: a
vowels[0] = 'r';
Console.WriteLine(vowels[0]); // Output: r

In the example above, an array of chars was initialized with all the vowels. The first element in the array at index 0 was printed. Then, the element at index 0 was modified by assigning it a new value of 'r'. Then, the value at index 0 was printed again.

Array Methods

Arrays in C# are objects, not just contiguous blocks of memory as in C and C++. Array is the base type of all arrays, and any array can use the properties and methods of the Array object, a few of which are listed below:


Clears the contents of an array, returning each element to its default value.
Copies elements in an array within a certain range.
Copies the elements of an array to another array.
Returns the total number of elements in the array.
Updates the size of an existing array.
Reverses the sequence of a subset of the elements in a one-dimensional array.
Arranges the elements of an array in ascending or alphabetical order.

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