Data Types

Published Jan 25, 2023
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C-sharp supports many data types that represent the size and kind of values stored in memory. The two main data types in C# are value and reference types.

Value Types

Value types are data types that are built-in to C#. The available types and their memory sizes are as follows:

Data Type Description Memory Size
bool Boolean 1 byte
byte Byte 1 byte
sbyte Short Byte 1 byte
char Character 2 bytes
decimal Decimal 16 bytes
double Double 8 bytes
float Float 4 bytes
int Integer 4 bytes
uint Unsigned Integer 4 bytes
nint Native Integer 4 or 8 bytes
unint Unsigned Native Integer 4 or 8 bytes
long Long 8 bytes
ulong Unsigned Long 8 bytes
short Short 2 bytes
ushort Unsigned Short 2 bytes

The following code demonstrates how to instantiate a variable of each type shown above:

bool isOpen = true;
byte age = 45;
sbyte temperature = 58;
char grade = 'a';
decimal numberOfAtoms = 1493867940.23m;
double weightOfHippos = 243906.12;
float heightOfGiraffe = 908.32f;
int seaLevel = -24;
uint year = 2023u;
nint pagesInBook = 412;
unint milesToNewYork = 2597;
long circumferenceOfEarth = 25000l;
ulong depthOfOcean = 28000ul;
short tableHeight = 4;
ushort treeBranches = 33;

Reference Types

Reference types are objects that exist in external memory space. The reference types in C# are as follows:

  • object
  • string
  • dynamic

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