Published Mar 28, 2023
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The .ToLower() method is a string method in C# that returns a new string in which all the characters are converted to lowercase.

The method does not modify the original string, but rather returns a new one. This method is helpful in normalizing user input or comparing strings in a case-insensitive manner.



myString is the string being converted to lowercase.


In the following example, the .ToLower() method is called on a string originalString, and is printed to the console:

using System;
string originalString = "HELLO WORLD";
Console.WriteLine(originalString.ToLower()); // Output: "hello world"

Codebyte Example

In following runnable example, a new string originalString is created that contains some text. Then, the .ToLower() method is called on this string and the result is stored in a new string variable lowerCaseString. Finally, both the original and the lowercase strings are printed to the console.

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