Published Nov 3, 2022
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A variable is a storage location in the computer’s memory that is used to save, retrieve, and manipulate data.


Minimally, a variable is declared by specifying a data type and a name:

type name;

In this case, the variable will be initialized with the default value for its type: zero for numeric types, and null for reference types.

A variable can also be initialized with a value when it is declared:

type name = value;

In this case, the variable name will be set to the value value.

Note: value must be of type type or be able to be implicitly converted to type.


using System;
public class Example
public static void Main(string[] args)
int x = 1;
int y = x + 5;
long z = y;
Console.WriteLine("The int {0} can be implicitly converted to the long {1}.", y, z);
// Output: "The int 6 can be implicitly converted to the long 6."

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