AWS Management Console

Published Nov 28, 2022
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The AWS Management Console is a web application that is home to all the various other consoles used to manage AWS services. The console’s customizable home page is what’s first seen when a user logs into AWS.

AWS Management Console home page

The home page provides access to each service console and provides information needed to perform AWS-related tasks.

The AWS Management Console provides the following:

  • Unified settings for all service consoles, such as region and screen display.
  • The ability to add, remove, and resize widgets that display information about the AWS environment and provide shortcuts to AWS services.
  • The ability to set favorites to access frequently-used services.
  • A unified search tool to find services, features, and documentation.
  • AWS CloudShell, a browser-based shell that allows CLI commands against services in Bash, PowerShell, or Z shell.

In addition to the web application, the AWS Management Console is available as a mobile app for Android and iOS. The app is intended to provide mobile-relevant tasks as a companion to the full web application.

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