In C++, an object is an instance of a class that encapsulates data and functionality pertaining to that data.

Suppose we have already created a class named MyClass, so now we can use it to create objects.

To create an object of MyClass, specify the class name, followed by the object name.

City nyc; // Used the City class to create an object named nyc
City shanghai; // Used the City class to create an object named shanghai

To access the class attributes, use the dot syntax (.) on the object:

Create an object called myObj and access the attributes:

class MyClass {
int myNum;
std::string myString;
int main() {
// Create an object of MyClass
MyClass myObj;
// Access attributes and set values
myObj.myNum = 15;
myObj.myString = "Some text";
// Print attribute values
std::cout << myObj.myNum << "\n";
std::cout << myObj.myString;
return 0;

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