Published Jul 13, 2021Updated Dec 6, 2023
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Inverts the colors of an element.


filter: invert(<value>);

where a required <value> can be one of the following:

  • Number value: 0, .4
  • Percentage value: 100%, 50%

Note: A value of 0 and 0% will leave image unchanged. Values of 1 and 100% will result in picture completely inverted. Value defaults to 1 and negatives values are not allowed.

Example 1

Invert an image 75%:

.banner-image {
filter: invert(75%);

The following output demonstrates the invert filter on a background image. The image on the left has no filter, while the image on the right has a filter invert(75%) applied.

Compares the original image to the same image with an invert filter applied

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