Published Jul 30, 2021Updated Oct 31, 2022
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The transition-duration specifies how long an elements transition should take to complete.


transition-duration: <value>;

The transition-duration value can be specified by one of the following:

  • Seconds: 2s
  • Milliseconds: 125ms

Note: We can give a comma-separated list of values to set different durations for properties of the same element. The duration of all properties will be the same if a single value is provided.

Example 1

Setting a h1 element to complete its transition over a duration of 3 seconds.

h1 {
transition-duration: 3s;

Example 2

Setting a div element’s height transition to last 4 seconds and color transition to last 200 milliseconds.

div {
transition-duration: 4s, 200ms;
transition-property: height, color;

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