Published Jun 29, 2021Updated May 15, 2024
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Changing the font-style selection will determine if the font is vertical or has a degree of slant. The most commonly used variant of font-style is italic.


font-style: <font-style-value>;

The font-style-value can be the following:

  • normal
  • italic
  • oblique
  • inherit
  • initial


normal: The text will be in its basic design. This is the default style in Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

p {
font-style: normal;

italic: Text will be tilted, and some characters will be replaced with a specialized tilted character (e.g. “a” to “ɑ” in the font Calibri).

p {
font-style: italic;

oblique: It gives text a minor slant to the font without changing any characters. It is less supported and may not always be available.

p {
font-style: oblique;

inherit: The text will take on the style used by the parent element.

p {
font-style: inherit;

initial: Sets the text font-style to its default style, similar to normal.

p {
font-style: initial;

Different variants of the font-style attribute

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