Published Jun 30, 2021Updated Sep 21, 2023
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To set the text to be thicker or thinner.


font-weight: <font-weight-value>;

The font-style-value can be the following:

  • normal
  • bolder
  • bold
  • initial
  • inherit
  • lighter

or can be in the form of numerical values from 100 to 900. The default value is normal while the default numerical value is 400.

Example 1

Set the p tag to bold:

p {
font-weight: bold;

Example 2

Set the p tag to 600:

p {
/* This code snippet give the text a semi-bold style */
font-weight: 600;

Note: The way font weight renders can differ from browser to browser. For certain languages, it is not advised to use font weight. This includes languages with complex scripts such as Chinese and Japanese.

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