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Published Jul 13, 2021Updated Feb 5, 2024
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The visibility property shows or hides an element. If the element is hidden, it will still take up space within the page.


visibility: <value>;

The visibility property has three values.

  • visible: Shows the element.
  • hidden: Hides the element.
  • collapse: Hides both the element and the space it would have occupied.

Note: collapse should only be used with <table> rows, row groups, columns, and column groups. If collapse is used on other elements, it will be treated the same as hidden. Implementing collapse within a <table> can be especially useful because it allows for hiding rows or columns without affecting the table layout.

Example 1

Hiding an element with a class of hide.

.hide {
visibility: hidden;

Example 2

Hiding a <tr> element within a table.

tr {
visibility: collapse;

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