Published Jan 4, 2024
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The .classed() method in D3.js is used to manipulate the classes associated with selected DOM elements.


selection.classed(name, value);
  • name- The name of the CSS class to be added or removed.
  • value- A boolean value that determines whether to add (true) or remove (false) the class.


In this example, the .classed() method is used to dynamically add and remove the class highlight from the selected element, showcasing its utility in creating interactive and dynamic visualizations:

// Select an element with the id "myElement"
var myElement = d3.select('#myElement');
// Add a class called "highlight" to the selected element
myElement.classed('highlight', true);
// Remove the class "highlight" after a delay
setTimeout(function () {
myElement.classed('highlight', false);
}, 2000);

This example results in the following output: Code output

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