Published Nov 28, 2023
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Styling methods assign values that determine the rendered form and content of chart components, such as the text displayed, or the color and opacity of a given symbol. These methods belong to the d3-selection class but are addressed separately based on their specialized role in the chart-making process.

Modifying Elements

The methods collected here are used to apply values to a given selection, such as in the following code:

const path = svg.append("g")
.attr("fill", "none")
.attr("stroke", "steelblue")
.attr("stroke-width", 1.5)
.attr("stroke-linejoin", "round")
.attr("stroke-linecap", "round")

In this excerpt, a path is declared and followed by a series of chained .attr() calls that set the various properties that will be applied to the path such as the color ("steelblue"), and the width of the path (1.5).

D3 Style Methods


Used to get or set attributes of selected elements.
Used to set or get the inner HTML of the selected elements.
Used to get or set inline properties of selected elememts.
This method is used to set or get text content of selected elements

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