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Published Feb 17, 2024
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The .insertAll() method in Dart is a built-in List method that allows for the insertion of multiple elements into a list at a specified index. While inserting the elements, this method shifts the existing elements as necessary to accommodate the new ones in the list. Also, the specified index should range from 0-N, where N represents the number of elements that are present in the list.


void insertAll(int index, Iterable<E> iterable)
  • index: The index where the elements need to be inserted.
  • iterable: The elements that need to be inserted.


The following example demonstrates the use of the .insertAll() method:

void main() {
List<int> nums = [12, 23, 34, 45, 56];
// Inserting elements [67, 78, 89] starting from index '2'
nums.insertAll(2, [67, 78, 89]);

Here is the output for the above example:

[12, 23, 67, 78, 89, 34, 45, 56]

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