Published Feb 11, 2024
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In Dart, the .setAll() method is a fundamental method that is used to overwrite a specific range of elements within a list with new values. It is particularly useful for updating specific sections of a list without changing its overall structure or size, ensuring efficient and precise modification of list data.


list.setAll(index, iterable)
  • index: An integer representing the starting index from where the elements should be replaced.
  • iterable: A collection of new elements that will replace the original elements from the starting index.


In the following example, the .setAll() method is used to replace the elements at index 1 and 2 (Banana and Cherry) in the fruits list with Grape and Kiwi respectively.

void main() {
List<String> fruits = ['Apple', 'Banana', 'Cherry', 'Date'];
print('Original List: $fruits');
// Replacing 'Banana' and 'Cherry' with 'Grape' and 'Kiwi'
fruits.setAll(1, ['Grape', 'Kiwi']);
print('Updated List: $fruits');

Here is the output for the above example:

Original List: [Apple, Banana, Cherry, Date]
Updated List: [Apple, Grape, Kiwi, Date]

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