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Published Jun 1, 2024
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A String is a sequence of characters (such as letters, numbers, and symbols) that is used to represent text. It is a data type designed specifically for handling and manipulating textual data. Single-line strings are enclosed in single (‘) or double (“) quotes, whereas triple quotes (‘’’) are used to represent multi-line strings.


Here is the syntax for single, double, and triple quoted strings in Dart:

String singleQuoteString = 'This is a Dart string with a single quote.';
String doubleQuoteString = "This is a Dart string with double quotes.";
String multiLineString = '''
This is a multi-line
string in Dart using a single quote.
It allows to write
text across multiple lines.


The following example determines and prints a message based on the value of the String variable name and the int variable age:

void main() {
String name = "Alice";
int age = 30;
String interpolatedString = "Hello, my name is $name and I am $age years old.";

The above code gives the following output:

Hello, my name is Alice and I am 30 years old.


Returns the number of characters within a given string.

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