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Published May 23, 2024
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In Dart, .toStringAsFixed() is a method used to convert numeric data types, typically used with double, to a string representation with a fixed number of decimal places. If the input number is an integer, it will first be converted to a double before computing the string representation.


  • numericValue: Represents the numeric value to convert to a string. It can be either an int or a double data type.
  • fractionDigits: An integer indicating the decimal places in the resulting string. It must be non-negative and will pad with zeros if greater than the actual decimal places in the number.


The following example illustrates how the .toStringAsFixed() method is utilized to convert a number into a string with the specified decimal digits:

void main() {
double number = 3.14159;
String stringNumber = number.toStringAsFixed(2);
print("Output = ${stringNumber}");

The above code produces the following output:

Output = 3.14

Note: The output 3.14 is a string. This can be confirmed by checking value.runtimeType.

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