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Published May 1, 2024
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In Dart, .tryParse() is a static method available on several data types, such as int and double. When called on a string, the .tryParse() method parses the string and converts it into the given data type if the parsing is successful. However, if parsing fails due to an invalid format in the string, the method returns null.


  • stringToParse: Represents the string to be converted into the desired data type.
  • dataType: Represents the data type to be used to parse stringToParse.


void main() {
String input = '42';
int? parsedInt = int.tryParse(input);
if (parsedInt != null) {
print('Parsed integer: $parsedInt');
} else {
print('Failed to parse the string as an integer!');

The above code returns the following output:

Parsed integer: 42

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