Docs Repository

The content-base where Codecademy Docs is housed is the docs repository (or “repo”) on GitHub. Contributors can view, edit, and propose new content for the repo. After the changes are merged into the repo’s main branch, they will go live on the Docs site.

Forking the Repository

When getting started, contributors should create a new fork of the docs repo. This should be done prior to changing any existing files or creating new ones in order to avoid merge conflicts.

A red stencil outlining the "Fork" link for the Codecademy Docs repo

The forked repo is a remote repo that exists on GitHub. To make changes on a local computer, a copy of the remote docs repo (local repo) must be made using the following command:

git clone

Changes can now be made in the newly created docs folder. It contains all of the files and folders from the remote repo.


First-time contributors are highly encouraged to visit the Issues tab of the docs repo. There, they can ask to be assigned to an open issue and begin writing a markdown file for a new entry or make edits to an existing one.

Pull Requests

Pull requests (PRs) are used to propose new changes to be merged into the base main branch of the docs repo. After contributors are finished editing files in the PR branch of their local repo (separate from the main branch), they are ready to add, commit, and push their changes and open a new PR.

Red arrow on the Codecademy Docs repo pointing at a pop-up link for creating a new pull request

The draft for the PR borrows from a template to assist with submitting information. After the PR is officially created, it is assigned a number and added to the “Pull requests” tab to await review.


Interested in helping build Docs? Read the Contribution Guide or share your thoughts in this feedback form.

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