Reviews are conducted by members of the Curriculum Free Team (CFT) at Codecademy who help maintain the docs repository.

The Review Process

When a new pull request (PR) is opened by a contributor, a CFT member will flag it for review by doing the following:

  • Add any relevant labels to the PR.
  • Link any existing, relevant issues.
  • Request/assign other CFT members for review.

A CFT member may view the PR files, make comments, and suggest changes.

Number of Reviews

Most commonly, PRs undergo 1-3 reviews to ensure each entry gets an ample amount of feedback and opportunity for improvement. The number of reviews for a given PR is at the discretion of CFT members considering factors such as the following:

  • The content of the PR file(s) warrants further review by a separate, subject matter expert.
  • There is a considerable amount of edits to existing Docs content.
  • The PR includes content for a new Docs topic (in addition to concepts and terms).

Invalid & Duplicate PRs

There are some cases where a PR will be closed by a CFT member due to one or more factors.

A PR is closed and marked as a “duplicate” if it pertains to the same file(s) as another existing PR.

A PR is closed and marked with “invalid” or “won’t fix” for one or more of the following:

  • If there is inactivity on the PR over a 2-week period.
    • Two weeks is deemed a reasonable time window for allowing new changes to be pushed to and reviewed in a PR.
  • The content does not meet or pass standard formatting, quality, and plagiarism checks.

Note: CFT members may check in with the contributor for updates on the PR prior to closing. If the PR is too far along (i.e., some reviews are already approved), then the CFT has the discretion of pushing requested changes directly to the PR.


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