🧲 Interpolation

Published Aug 4, 2021Updated Sep 9, 2021
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String interpolation can be used to construct a string from a mix of constants, variables, and others by including their values inside a string literal.

In Emojicode, to insert a value into a string using string interpolation, we can write the variable inside two 🧲s and it will print its value.

Suppose we have a constant named height with a value of 3000, and we want to use string interpolation to print out a fun fact:

3000 ➡️ height
😀 🔤Alex Honnold climbed El Capitan, which is 🧲height🧲 feet, without a rope!🔤❗️

It will output:

Alex Honnold climbed El Capitan, which is 3000 feet, without a rope!


💭 Tip Calculator
🏁 🍇
3.80 ➡️ tip
😀 🔤The tip is $🧲tip🧲🔤❗️

It will output:

The tip is 3.80

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