Published May 9, 2022Updated Jul 16, 2023
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GitHub (GH) is a UI-based version control platform that runs on Git. It offers many services including version control, static website hosting, open-source software (OSS) projects, and much more.

GitHub Pages

GitHub Pages is a service offered by GH for hosting static websites for free with an unlimited amount of visits. It automatically has encryption with HTTPS. GitHub Pages also supports custom domains.

Good First Issue

“Good First Issue” is a label used by open-source maintainers on GitHub to categorize issues that are intended for people who have little to no experience in making open source contributions or are new to a particular project. It also signifies to maintainers that extra assistance is needed when reviewing a new contributor’s pull request, whether it’s introducing the contributing guidelines or providing in-line comments on lines of code that need revision. Additionally, there is a compiled list of repositories using the “Good First Issue” label in the topics section of GitHub.

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