Linus Torvalds

Published Jul 28, 2021Updated Jan 14, 2023
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Linus Torvalds, image: Wikimedia Commons

Image by Wikimedia Commons

Linus Torvalds (1969 - ) is a Finnish-American computer scientist, the creator of the operating system kernel Linux, and the distributed revision control system, Git.

The Linux kernel is an open-source, Unix-inspired operating system kernel publicly released in Version 1.0 by Linus Torvalds in 1994. Today, the Linux operating system manages the hardware and resources of a large number of applications such as Android, Chrome OS, and many others.

Git was later created by Torvalds in 2005 out of a need for a replacement free distributed system for the continued development of the Linux kernel. To support the needs of the Linux kernel team, Torvalds needed a free distribution system that would patch in no more than three seconds, and protect users against accidental or malicious corruption.

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