Progressive Web Application

Published Apr 1, 2022Updated Oct 26, 2022
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A progressive web application (PWA) is software that is built with common web technologies to provide a consistent, browser-based experience across multiple platforms like mobile and desktop. Browser compatibility for PWAs is various but is generally supported in the following:

  • Google Chrome
  • Apple Safari
  • Firefox (for Android, not desktop)
  • Microsoft Edge

PWA Principles

Rather than being a programming language or separate technology, PWAs are a collection of key principles followed in every application, including:

  • Discoverable: The app can be readily found on app stores and search engines.
  • Installable: The app can be installed as a “native-like app” on a device for later use on the browser.
  • Linkable: A secure and unique link can be used to visit and share the app.
  • Network independence: The app provides an offline experience with service workers and other web APIs.
  • Re-engagement: The app can update content when not in use and push notifications to the user.
  • Responsive design: The app’s user interface is consistent across all resolutions and screen sizes.
  • Secure: The app uses HTTPS for secure browsing.

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