Published Aug 18, 2022
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A protocol describes the rules, syntax, and semantics used by two or more devices in a computer network to connect and communicate with each other.

The Internet

The most prominent computer network is the internet, which uses a collection of protocols known as the Internet Protocol Suite. This collection uses multiple layers to describe how data should be packetized, addressed, routed, and received between members of the network.

Common Protocols

Some notable network protocols include the following:

Protocol Description
Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) Used for fetching HTML documents and other web-based resources.
Internet Protocol (IP) Routes and addresses data packets for sending between networks.
Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) Facilitates client-server communication of network data.
User Datagram Protocol (UDP) Disregards error checks/corrections in favor of time-sensitive tasks (gaming, video conferences, etc.)

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