Published Aug 18, 2022Updated Aug 17, 2023
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Unicode is a text-processing standard that assigns a unique number, known as a code point, to each character across most human languages and writing systems. It is device- and platform-agnostic and is maintained by the Unicode Consortium. The adoption of the Unicode standard has grown so much that it is now implemented in many modern operating systems, programming languages, and it is the default encoding used in XML and HTML.

Common Character Sets

Below are some tables of common Unicode character sets.

Note: These tables only showcase a few characters from each set. More information can be found in the official Unicode character code charts.


Code Character Description
U+2190 Leftwards arrow
U+2191 Upwards arrow
U+2192 Rightwards arrow
U+2193 Downwards arrow


Code Character Description
U+2731 Checkmark
U+2729 Star (trace)
U+274C Cross mark (red)
U+274E Negative squared cross mark (green)

Math Symbols

Code Character Description
U+00B1 ± Plus-minus sign
U+03F4/U+03B8 ϴ/θ Theta (capital/lowercase)
U+2211 Sigma
U+221A Plus-minus sign

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