Published Jun 25, 2022
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A Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) is a string that refers to a resource used by a web technology like a browser or an API.


|        |--------------------------URN------------|------|

URIs encompass the syntax of both URLs and URNs. It uses a scheme such as the HTTP protocol to describe how the resource is retrieved. This is followed by a domain that ends in something like “.com” or “.gov” and may also include a port number. Then, a file path is described along with any possible query params and page fragments.


Codecademy has a page on Wikipedia, which contains a section about “Features”. The complete URI for this specific resource looks like this:


The following is used in the example URI:

  • A protocol scheme (https).
  • A subdomain (en) that specifies the language for the site.
  • The domain (wikipedia.org) containing the “.org” top-level domain.
  • A directory to Codecademy’s wiki page (/wiki/Codecademy).
  • A fragment (#Features) linking to a specific section in the page.

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