Virtual Reality

Published Oct 31, 2022Updated May 15, 2024
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Virtual reality (VR) is a technology that uses head-mounted headsets with displays to generate realistic images, sounds, and other sensations to put users into an immersive virtual environment. VR can create unbounded worlds that people can walk around and interact with using their hands, and to feel as if they were transported to another place.

It’s still considered an evolving trend of the tech industry — fun, exciting, and bustling with opportunities.

Augmented Reality vs. Virtual Reality

Augmented reality (AR) utilizes the current physical setting of the user while introducing a layer of synthetic digital, sonic, or somatic presentation to enhance the user experience. Conversely, VR involves use of a headset to facilitate an experience rooted in the graphic and sonic presentation within the VR setup as opposed to using the individual’s more broad physical surroundings for interaction.

Virtual reality is poised to grow substantially in use during the 21st century as it has many potential uses in many industries including entertainment, health, education, tourism, military, art, and design.

VR Examples

  • Web development: A-Frame is a popular open-source web framework for building virtual reality experiences in the web browser.
  • Automotive industry: Companies like Jaguar are incorporating VR into their vehicle design before commissioning expensive prototypes.
  • Healthcare:
    • Software like Osso VR allow for practicing surgical techniques on virtual bodies.
    • BehaVR is used as pain relief for burn injuries.
  • Real estate: Klapty features virtual tours of apartments and houses that are on the market.
  • Education: Products like Engagevr provides learning experiences in a risk-free space mostly for soft skills such as public speaking and active listening.
  • Tourism: Globetrotter features interactive virtual tours of places around the world for users to consider which activities and destinations to try out.

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