What is Next.js?

What is Next.js?

Next.js is an open-source development framework building server-side rendering and static web applications using React.

Typical React apps use the client-side browser to upload content, Next.js is unique in that it is a React framework built on top of Node.js. This helps curtail certain issues such as a user not having access to JavaScript. This also enables Next.js to render content on the server-side before it can be viewed by the client.

Next.js was originally authored by Guillermo Rauch on GitHub in 2016 and due to its functionality, large companies such as Netflix, Starbucks, Uber, GitHub, and Ticketmaster have all used Next.js for their website development. It is currently owned and maintained by the company Vercel.

Fun Fact: Codecademy Docs is written with Next.js.

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