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Published Oct 30, 2023
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A fork is a duplicate of an existing repository. This “fork” is an independent entity that allows a contributor to interact with the original repository. Collaboration, experimentation, and contributions to open-source code are made possible by forking. It enables developers worldwide to collaborate, make changes, and contribute to projects while retaining the integrity of the source code. It is a secure approach to modify and test code without making changes directly to the original.

Note: The fork command is provided by a separate command-line tool than Git.

Steps to Fork a Repository

  • Step 1

First the user login to his/her GitHub account using the command:

gh auth login
  • Step 2

After successful login, the user can fork the repository using the command:

gh repo fork <repository_url>

This will create a new copy of the original repository.

Note: Users can get repository_url by going to the Github repository that they want to fork and copying the URL.

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