Published Jul 10, 2023
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The Ceil() function returns a given decimal number rounded up to the next highest integer.


import "math"

roundedNumber := math.Ceil(floatingNumber)

The Ceil() function receives a value of type float64 and returns a single value of the same type. This returned value is the next highest integer equal to or greater than the argument.

  • When passing Ceil(±Inf), the returned value will be the same as the argument.
  • When passing Ceil(Nan), the returned value will be also Nan.
  • When passing Ceil(±0), the returned value will be exactly the same as the argument.


package main
import (
"math" // Required
func main(){
score := 18.54
result := math.Ceil(score)
fmt.Print(score, " rounded up is ", result, ".")

The expected output is as follows:

18.54 rounded up is 19.

Codebyte Example

The example below is runnable and shows how Ceil() handles negative numbers.


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