Published Jun 8, 2021Updated May 15, 2024
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The <blockquote> element represents a section of a document which contains a longer quotation, usually spanning multiple lines.

A <blockquote> will often be shown by the browser indented from the surrounding text.


<blockquote cite="citation url">
<!-- The quotation goes inside the tag -->

Quotations are wrapped in opening and closing <blockquote> tags. If there is a URL that the quotation comes from, the cite attribute may be used to indicate it. It behaves similar to a <div> element, but will often have a left margin set by the browser by default.


Suppose that an article with a long and important quote is being written for a web page. The quote should be wrapped in <blockquote> as seen below:

<head> </head>
<h2>Article Title</h2>
<p>First paragraph of article.</p>
<p>Second paragraph of article.</p>
<p>Important quote that needs to stand out.</p>
<p>Author Name, Quote Source</p>
<p>Conclusion to article.</p>

Output of the blockquote tag example

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