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Published Jun 10, 2021Updated Jul 1, 2022
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The <cite> element represents a citation to a referenced work such as a book, a song, or a painting. It needs to include only the title of the work being referenced.


<!-- Title of work goes here -->

Text is wrapped in opening and closing <cite> tags. That text may also be wrapped in a link to an external source for the citation, if one is available.


Suppose there is an article on the integral, from calculus, on this page. It features a direct quote from Wikipedia, so it will need to be cited.

<head> </head>
The major advance in integration came in the 17th century with the
independent discovery of the fundamental theorem of calculus by Leibniz
and Newton.
><a href="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Integral#Leibniz_and_Newton"
>, on Wikipedia.

Output of the cite tag example

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