Published Nov 15, 2022Updated Dec 16, 2022
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The <del> element is used to show a deleted portion of text and is commonly intended to show the changes made to a document while keeping a history of the changes made. Though the style can be changed using [CSS] (https://www.codecademy.com/resources/docs/css/typography/text-decoration), browsers render it as strike-through text: example

Note: The <del> element is semantically different from the <s> element because the former conveys an update in a document while the latter does not.


  <!-- deleted text here -->

The <del> element should only contain text content or other elements meant for text content.


The following is an example of the <del> element:

<head> </head>
<p>This is <del>deleted</del> text.</p>

The rendered output would look like this:

Rendered <del> tag example

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