Published May 29, 2021Updated Sep 3, 2021
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The <article> semantic tag represents a part of a page which is self-contained and could be published elsewhere. Some common uses include blog posts or magazine articles.


<!-- Article content goes inside the tag. -->

<article> is a tag that wraps around a block of HTML giving it semantic meaning. It has no special attributes, and by default will act similarly to a <div>.


Suppose that there is a need to layout multiple posts about coding practices for a new site. It would be semantically correct to use the <article> tag, as below:

<h1>FizzBuzz Feed</h1>
<h2>How I Learned to Love Conditionals</h2>
<p>First paragraph of first article.</p>
<p>Second paragraph of first article.</p>
<h2>Nineteen New Uses for HTML Canvas</h2>
<p>First paragraph of second article.</p>
<p>Second paragraph of second article.</p>

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