The HTML tag <a>, also known as the anchor tag, creates a link to another page or to a location in the current page.

It can also be used to link to email addresses, phone numbers, and files.


<a href="url">Displayed Text</a>

<a> is a tag that commonly uses the following attributes to create a link from the current page to a valid URL:

  • href, which represents the URL that the link points to
  • target, which represents where to open and display the URL stored in the href


External Link

Suppose the page should include a link to Codecademy, that it should be opened in a new tab, and that the text of the link should be Codecademy:

<a href="https://codecademy.com" target="_blank">Codecademy</a>

Internal Link

Suppose the page should include a link to a specific section on the current page. This can be done by adding an id to the tag that should be scrolled to and a link whose href is equal to that id, prefaced with the hash symbol.

<article id="about-us">
<!-- More HTML here -->
<!-- This link will scroll the current view back to the article above. -->
<a href="#about-us">About Us</a>

Email and Phone

Suppose the page should allow the browser to open an application to send an email or call a phone number from within the page:

<!-- This link will try to create a new email to [email protected] -->
<!-- This link will try to call phone number 234-555-1212. -->
<a href="tel:234-555-1212">234-555-1212</a>

The actions defined by these links will be completed depending on the user’s device and settings. For example, clicking a phone link while on a cell phone may use the built in dialer to complete the call.

Image Links

Suppose the page needs a clickable logo:

<!-- This link will be an image -->
<a href="http://www.codecademy.com"> <img src="logo.jpg" />Click this image </a>

Anything that is inside the anchor tag will be treated as a link. In this case the Codecademy logo will take the user to the Codecademy home page.

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