Represents a single item in a list of items. It and the other list items must be wrapped in an <ol>, <ul>, or <menu> tag.


<li>Text for list item</li>

<li> is a tag that requires content between it and its closing tag. It can contain any valid HTML, and each <li> tag will be indented and preceded either with a number (for ordered lists), or a dot (for unordered lists and menus).


<head> </head>
<h3>My Favorite Things</h3>
<li>Rain drops on roses</li>
<li>Whiskers on kittens</li>
<li>Bright copper kettles</li>
<li>Warm woolen mittens</li>

The <ol> creates an ordered list. The content from each <li> tag will have a number before it:

  1. Rain drops on roses
  2. Whiskers on kittens
  3. Bright copper kettles
  4. Warm wollen mittens
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