The Math.log1p() method returns the natural logarithm of a number plus 1.


  • If a is a positive number, the return value is a double.
  • If a is NaN or less than -1, the return value is NaN.
  • If a is -1, the return value is negative infinity
  • If a is positive infinity, the return value is positive infinity.
  • If a is positive or negative zero, the return value is positive or negative zero.


The following example demonstrates using the .log1p() method to find natural logs:

// Main.java
public class Main {
public static void main(String args[]) {
double a = 23;
double b = -42;
double c = 0;
double d = -0;
System.out.println("The result of log1p(" + a + ") is: " + Math.log1p(a));
System.out.println("The result of log1p(" + b + ") is: " + Math.log1p(b));
System.out.println("The result of log1p(" + c + ") is: " + Math.log1p(c));
System.out.println("The result of log1p(" + d + ") is: " + Math.log1p(d));

This will produce the following output:

The result of log1p(23.0) is: 3.1780538303479458
The result of log1p(-42.0) is: NaN
The result of log1p(0.0) is: 0.0
The result of log1p(0.0) is: 0.0


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