Arithmetic Operators

Basic math operations can be applied to int, double, and float data types:

  • + addition
  • - subtraction
  • * multiplication
  • / division
  • % modulo (yields the remainder)

These operations are not supported for other data types.


Comparison Operators

Comparison operators can be used to compare two values:

  • > greater than
  • < less than
  • >= greater than or equal to
  • <= less than or equal to
  • == equal to
  • != not equal to

They are supported for primitive data types and the result of a comparison is a boolean value true or false:


Bitwise Operators

Bitwise operators are used to manipulate individual bits of a number.

  • & Bitwise AND
  • | Bitwise OR
  • ^ Bitwise XOR
  • ~ Bitwise complement
  • << Signed right shift operator
  • >> Signed left shift operator
  • >>> Unsigned right shift operator
  • <<< Unsigned left shift operator

They can only be operated on data of int, char, byte, long, and short.

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