Published Aug 26, 2023
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In JavaScript, object properties can be obtained using accessors. Properties are established and retrieved with methods known as “getters” and “setters”.

The get keyword is used to define a getter method for establishing a custom behavior when accessing the values of object properties, while the set keyword is used to create a setter method that determines the behavior when assigning values to those properties.


There are two ways to access properties: dot notation and bracket notation.

const object = {
    get propertyName() {}



The following example defines a User class with a constructor and a getter method. It demonstrates how to encapsulate and access the email information of a user using accessor methods.

class User {
constructor(name, email) {
this._name = name;
this._email = email;
get userEmail() {
return this._email;
const person = new User('eddy', '[email protected]');

This example results in the following output:

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