Published Jul 1, 2023
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The .findLast() array method returns the last instance of an element in an array that meets the specified condition. The array is searched in reverse: from the end of the array to the beginning.


array.findLast((element, index) => {expression});

The function can be invoked with the following arguments:

  • element: The current element we are iterating through.
  • index (optional): The index of the array element.
  • expression: A specified condition or logic.


Find the value 200 in the array numbers:

const numbers = [10, 42, 53, 12, 200, 66, 33, 6, 10000, 200, 10];
numbers.findLast((value, index) => {
if (value === 200) {
console.log(`There is an instance of ${value} at index ${index}`);

This results in the following output:

There is an instance of 200 at index 9
There is an instance of 200 at index 4

Note: If an element is known to be towards the end of an array, using .findLast() can shorten the path to finding the element.

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