The .forEach() array method loops over the array, passing each item in the array into the callback function provided.


array.forEach((value, index, array) => {...});

A function can be invoked with three arguments:

  • value: The value of the array element.
  • index (optional): The index of the array element.
  • array (optional): The array itself.

Note: Unlike a regular for loop, .forEach() method does not provide a way to terminate iteration before all elements have been passed to the function.

Example 1

Logging each value in an array:

['a', 'b', 'c'].forEach((letter) => console.log(letter));

The output would be:


Example 2

Finding the sum of an array:

const values = [7, 17, 34, 41, 22, 5];
let sumOfValues = 0;
values.forEach((value) => (sumOfValues += value));
// Output: 126

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